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It usually takes a lot longer for the addict to recognize a problem than it does for those who love them to notice. Addiction and denial kind of go hand in hand. Most addicts are convinced that they can discontinue their drug or alcohol abuse whenever they want. Even when the addict starts to realize the magnitude of their problem they will do what it takes to conceal it. Some families can be deceived because the addicted person can be quite clever when they have to be.

Addiction Questionaire

If you have a gut feeling that something is wrong and your loved one may have developed a drug or alcohol problem then answer the following questions:

1. Is this persons behavior changing?
2. Is this person more irritable than usual?
3. Is this person isolating himself more than usual?
4. Is this person away from home more than usual?
5. Is this person always broke?
6. Does this person receive phone calls at strange hours?
7. Has this person started hanging with new friends?
8. Is this person having problems at work or at school?
9. Have you had any money missing?
10. Has this person’s eating habits changed?
11. Is there a change in this person’s appearance?
12. Has this person lost interest in things they once enjoyed?
13. Is this person experiencing any personality changes?
14. Is this person extremely secretive?


If you answered yes to most of these questions then you are probably on correct and there is a problem. This is a very delicate situation but is here to help. We can put you in the hands of the experts that know exactly what to do.

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