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Addiction is not something that just happens to one person. Addiction is its own entity and it becomes part of the family. Once the addiction moves in it has a tendency to take over and with it comes pain, anger, guilt, sorrow, stress, and destruction. The family structure is breached and suffers on emotional, psychological and behavioral levels. All normalcies have vanished and have been replaced with unforeseen experiences that are brought about by the addict themselves. This is what it is like to live with a loved one that is an addict.

The Imposter

When there is an addict in the family they are literally an imposter. The person that you once knew has been hijacked and replaced with someone who lies, steals, manipulates, and lives outside of the realm of reality. The problem is out of control and you probably haven’t got the slightest clue about how to fix it. When drugs or alcohol become part of the family the emotional and behavioral functioning is ruthlessly tested.

It is not Normal

Living with an addict puts the entire family in a state of disarray as they do whatever it takes not to trigger yet another disaster. Even though the family might even believe that they are living a normal life and that it is the addict that has the problem the truth is that the family consumed with trying to manage the unmanageable.


Your loved one may or may not be ready to seek treatment. If they are not ready for help then you may be in need of a professional intervention. At we can put you in touch with a treatment facility that provides professional interventions. Sometimes this approach is needed so that the family can set boundaries and bottom lines. Even if your loved one is not ready to quit using an intervention says that the family is done with everything associated with the addiction unless the person is willing to get help.

Enough is Enough

It is ok for you to want to reclaim your family and quit living with the imposter. It doesn’t mean that you stop loving but it means that you are no longer going to love this person to “death”. Let help you to help your family by putting you in the hands of people that are trained to handle these kinds of problems. is here to bring you hope of a better tomorrow.

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