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What Is Detoxification?

There are two primary things that someone who is considering treatment for substance abuse is going to want to talk about, detoxification and how long they will be away. These are the usual principal concerns and justifiably so. Regarding detoxification, one needs to understand the magnitude of what detox entails to completely understand.

Detoxification is the procedure of ridding the body of any remaining toxins left behind after drugs and alcohol usage has ceased. As soon as the body runs short of the toxins that have been abused the side effects kick in. The side effects are nothing short of unpleasant and the subject is one that most substance abusers will avoid at all costs. As a matter of fact, detox is one of the primary reasons that substance abusers do not consider treatment in the first place.

How Does Detoxification Work?

The detoxification process is different for different types of drugs. For example, opiate drugs such as Vicodin, Heroin, Oxycontin, and Percocet are very difficult to detox from. Alcohol and benzodiazepines such as Xanax and Valium are also very tough to detox from. It is nothing short of critical that every substance abuser knows and fully understands the importance of medical supervision during the detoxification phase of recovery.  At we have relationships with facilities that work with industry leading clinicians with decades of experience in medically supervised detoxification.

When detox is conducted under medical supervision with a fully trained staff the detoxification process does not have to be feared. The process can be safe and comfortable. There are medications that can be administered to eliminate the adverse reactions that have been known to actually be life threatening in some instances.

An effective detoxification will offer a well-rounded course of action that includes medications, behavior modification, and counseling. This is important since the addiction has both physical and emotional components that have to be dealt with. The body has to go through some crucial changes during detox but the mind is also pretty non-functional and thinking erratically during this time because the pleasure centers in the brain are out of whack.

The most important factor to understand is that detoxification does not have to be a dark and lonely place. It is just the beginning of a new life that is being offered to you. It is no longer a place to be afraid of but rather a place where help is available, help that never falls on deaf ears. We promise to be with you through the entire selection process so that you can feel safe and secure in your treatment decision and have a safe and comfortable detox.  Contact us now!

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