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What is Intensive Outpatient?

Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs are intended for people who do not require residential inpatient rehab for drug addiction or alcoholism. Intensive Outpatient Programs provide the services and treatment that are necessary for recovery minus the stay in the facility. This type of program only works for patients that have already completed detox or where detox was not necessary.

Each Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program will vary but the idea is that patients will be able to conduct their daily business such as work or school but also being able to then participate in treatment daily. Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs are run by licensed professionals. IOP’s can be a bit confusing which is why has done the extra work for you to make sure that you get the very best treatment available.

When Inpatient Services are not an Option

There are those who would like to seek treatment but refuse to go inpatient. For these people intensive outpatient offers an alternative choice. Keep in mind that this option is not a choice for everyone but in some cases it is a viable option. can help you find the right treatment plan to assist you in making the right decision about your treatment strategy. Call us today so we can put you in touch with professionals that will evaluate your individual circumstances.

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