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Partial hospitalization is an option that is open to some people that are seeking drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Basically, this option blends together the finest aspects of inpatient care and the best of outpatient care. The benefits include top treatment while being able to taper costs. Partial hospitalization is endorsed by the American Association for Partial Hospitalization because it combines organized clinical services along with flexibilily.

Who Qualifies?

Patients that can take advantage of partial hospitalization would include low risk patients who can manage well without inpatient care. The focus is assisting patients merge back into society as fully functioning individuals. The goal of partial hospitalization is to increase independence to those patients that are still involved in some form of substance abuse treatment. The core foundation of treatment is still available while patients can slowly begin to merge into life outside of treatment. Patients have the ability to return to a safe place daily while they are adjusting to a new life without drugs or alcohol.

What Partial Hospitalization Includes

Partial hospitalization usually focuses on relapse prevention, life skills, group therapy, peer support, and various workshops. Patients who seek this option and that qualify can receive treatment at various times of the day based on the hours that are recommended as part of how their treatment plan was defined. This way, patients can still work and go to school and have time to interact with family. Partial hospitalization does not have to be part of a traditional hospital setting but it does need to include a detailed and limited timeframe, a clear course of action, clinically suitable treatment that is conducted by professionals.

Patients are required to follow a strict regimen and must adhere to regular drug and alcohol testing, participate in group therapy, and to be active daily. Relapse prevention is taught. Some programs are holistically based and some are built on a spiritual foundation to meet the needs of everyone. can put you in touch with a PHP that will meet all of your needs. Call us today to take the next step in getting your life back!

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