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When a person is addicted to drugs or alcohol they are unable to grasp the concept that they are killing themselves little by little. Denial is likely when the subject of their addiction is brought up. No matter how many ways or times you plead with your loved one to seek help, they refuse or put off the idea.

What is a Professional Intervention?

When this happens it is time for a professional intervention. This is a process where a professional in the field is present and assists the family in developing a strategy to force the individual into accepting treatment. A group of the substance abusers family and friends are brought together in a safe, drug free environment. The close knit group will then tell the addicted person how the addiction has changed them and how much this person is truly loved. They also explain that they are spent and tired of being part of the vicious cycle of addiction. If the person still refuses treatment then these people will commit to an ultimatum which may include cutting off all contact.

Who Needs a Professional Intervention?

View an intervention as a last attempt to save your loved ones life. The people that are most likely to benefit from an intervention include those who have tried several times to stop using drugs but failed, when they become defensive when confronted about their addiction, when the person has to be loaded in order to be functional, when the person’s financial situation worsens, when relationships start to fail, or when the individual starts to isolate themselves.

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