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A residential treatment center is a facility where a person goes to live temporarily while they deal with a drug or alcohol problem. Residential treatment usually follows detoxification. Sometimes a drug or alcohol problem can be coupled with psychological complications and a residential treatment center will specialize in treating these types of problems.

Residential treatment centers that treat chemical dependency should offer a plethora of services. Psychological therapy, 12-step programs, group therapy, life skill courses, sober living facilities, top notch aftercare, and spiritual programs are just some of what should be made available to help patients function in society.

Residential treatment is the choice over outpatient treatment when the patient needs to heal in a neutral environment. The main purpose is to focus on nothing besides being good to themselves and to do this they need ample time to heal both physically and emotionally. The ambiance in a residential treatment center embraces support and encouragement. Living with people who are going through the same things offers a resilient support structure for patients to thrive from.

In many cases it is best to travel for residential treatment in order to remove the addict from their primary geographic area of abuse, this is most common in instances of opiate addiction.  The types of residential treatment facilities can vary greatly depending on each facilities treatment philosophy.  At we have done the leg work for you. We have thoroughly researched treatment facilities across the country and have only the best for you to choose from. Contact us today so that we can find a residential treatment center to meets your needs.

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